Art is a lie that tells the truth. - Picasso

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About Me

About Me


I am so lucky to have a life in the arts! After a career singing jingles,  background vocals for recording artists, and performing in clubs, I found my passion as a writer. With roots in TV comedy, I moved to stage and screenwriting.  I hear dialogue as music - each character has a melody.  They speak and I take dictation.  In these pages, I share highlights of my multi-faceted career.  These projects touched me - as I hope they will you.  Whether writing, performing or directing, I continue exploring the power of art - and how it teaches us more about ourselves.  Watch for my new book Finding Your Creative Voice - A Guide to Authenticity and The Art of Self Expression.  



Starring ED ASNER  (Mary Tyler Moore, Lou Grant, Elf & Up

    &  JEAN SMART  (Designing Women, 24 & Fargo) 


     Written and directed by Deborah Pearl

Ed Randall, an 85 year old college professor hires a hooker for a last hurrah and funny happens!



Watch tHE FILM

My Short Film starring Wendie Malick



The first short film I wrote "Waiting For Yvette" stars Wendie Malick, Stephen Tobolowsky, Patrick Kerr and Phillip Anthony-Rodriguez .  Directed by Justin Ross.  It aired on Logo Network and won an audience award at the Palm Springs Short Film Fest.   Now streaming ONLINE.


The second short I wrote, "In Confidence" directed by Mitch Levine, stars Beege Barkette, and was at the 

CANNES FILM FESTIVAL  2015 Short Film Corner! 

Watch the film

Other projects



I've had a long career as a singer, starting with singing telegrams for $5 a song to singing for the likes of Barbara Streisand and Steven Speilberg.  From session work to my own cds, I love performing.  Like all art, it's a timeless, universal communication -  a magical way to lift spirits and change the energy in a room.



DESIGNING WOMEN defined the beginning of my TV career.  Linda Bloodworth- Thomason's brilliant show taught me the power of women in comedy to laugh at human weakness while standing for social justice.



I did it backwards.  I was working in television and stayed late at the studio to write plays.   While TV comedy writing is a team effort, playwriting is a deeply personal one.  It allowed me to understand the dysfunction of my childhood through a series of plays that explore the human underbelly of everything from family to sex. 



I love writing for different media.  Plays, screenplays, musicals, TV sit coms, each has its own unique form and challenges.  The story is always the thing.  The puzzle to solve - how to best tell it?   Check out TELEVISION and THEATER pages.



My first time directing film is "Getting Ed Laid."  Having directed my own plays, this was the first time I did this even more collaborative creative effort.  I call film making the marriage of challenge and compromise.   I loved it.  Check out - GETTING ED LAID PAGE



I started out as an actress and soon became a singer, leading to the Pearl Album on London Records with my sister, Leslie.   I went on to do musicals.  In At the Bistro Garden I wrote the book and also performed in.   I wrote and performed my critically acclaimed one woman show -"Chick Singers."  Check out THEATER page.

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Piano Spheres - Mike Lang - An evening of Jazz

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