"How do you know? I may love your saggy, you know, junk!" - Getting Ed Laid


My Directorial Debut - now on Amazon - free with prime!!!!


This project is my directorial debut.  Having written two other shorts and numbers of full length screenplays, alone and with partners, Getting Ed Laid was the fulfillment of many years longing to direct - and being too scared to do it!!  But life conspired - and the opportunity came to write a short piece for my friend Ed Asner for a luncheon.  I read it with him to great response, and asked if he would do it as a film. He said yes and I forgot about it.  Months later, after a musical I'd written was produced in Detroit, the producer, Barbie Weisserman, said she'd love to help raise money for it.  Another friend, Cynthi Stefanoni, jumped on board to be First AD and a producer.  And off I went on this amazing creative journey!   It takes a village - and this one had my back!!!  We were joined by the amazing Jean Smart and then president of the ASC, Richard Crudo as our cinematographer.  My dear friend, Susan Ottalini came on board with her video company and shot our Kickstarter Video!  

Here is the fruit of all that labor - we all helped get Ed laid!!!  


A short film written, directed & produced by Deborah Pearl 

Starring ED ASNER   (Mary Tyler Moore, Lou Grant,  "Elf" & star of "Up")  

&  JEAN SMART   ("Designing Women" "24" & "Fargo")  

Ed Randall, an 85 year old college professor hires a hooker for a last hurrah.  Afraid to take Viagra, he's waiting to get a call back from a cardiologist when the quirky older hooker shows up... and funny happens... proving no matter what your  age, life can still surprise you!  (24 min)


WINNER!   - The Garden State Film Festival  &  Marina Del Rey Film Festival!!


Washington West Film Festival - Santa Fe Film Festival - Tallgrass International Film Festival - 

Sedona Film Festival - Hollyshorts FiIm Festival - Kansas City Film Festival

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Ed Asner & Me

You're a lucky person to call Ed Asner a friend.  In addition to being one our country's acting legends... he's that rare man of his word... a brilliant and total mensch.   I had the great good fortune to know and work with the amazing Ed Asner over the past twenty-some years.  He's the dream actor every writer wishes they could work with.   I've had that pleasure on tv and the stage - but this is our first time making a film together.  It's also my first time as a director and I can't think of better man to break my directorial cherry with than Ed.   "Getting Ed Laid" is a piece I originally wrote for Ed to perform in February of 2014 for Vicki Abelson's "Women Who Write" luncheon.    Asked to perform there, I volunteered to write a piece to which he said "So write me an F'ing scene."  And I did.  It's the story of Ed Randall, an 85 year old college professor who hires a hooker for a last hurrah, frantically waiting to get a call back from a cardiologist to okay his taking Viagra, when the quirky older hooker shows up and the comedy - to put off her advances -begins.   A look at life and what really counts and how two people can find one another in the most unexpected places. 

Jean Smart & Me

I first saw Jean Smart in the play "Mrs. California" here in L.A. and she knocked my socks off!   I then had the greater good fortune to work with her on Linda Bloodworth-Thomason's brilliant show "Designing Women."    As Charlene, she was the quintessential Southern gal - when in fact, she was the only one among the cast who wasn't from the south!  She hails from Seattle!   She continues to amaze with her roles on numerous tv shows & films, most notably the riveting first lady in "24," and murderous mom in "Fargo."    She and her talented actor husband, Richard Gilliland, are warm and gifted people and I'm excited to reunite on this project.   I called Jean who was on her way to shoot "Fargo" in Vancouver and excited at the prospect of working with Ed, graciously agreed to read "Getting Ed Laid."   After some insightful input from her (as a writer I always learn so much from great actors) I did another pass and made the film even better!  Jean read it and agreed - and came on board!   

Watch our Kickstarter video of Ed and Deborah!   

Here's the link:  http://kck.st/1CBI92d

Photo Gallery above includes production stills at the W Hotel in Hollywood and shots from our kickstarter video shoot.:  Crew from our Kickstarter video shoot.  Left to right: J.R. Hall (camera), Ed Asner, Curtis McElhinney (camera) , Deborah Pearl, Johanna Seigmann (awesome still photography) and Susan Ottalini of SMO310 Productions who shot and edited the video!  Also - Ed in the monitor with Carl Fredrickson from "Up" behind him!  How cool is that!   Shot of the entire crew - it takes a village!  And me directing Ed and Jean!



It Takes A village


Our wonderful executive producer, Barbie Weisserman, brought on her PAPA WEEZE PRODUCTIONS and along with other executive producer, Michael Lehman Boddicker, we set off to do a great Kickstarter campaign.  Thanks to all, we raised the rest of the budget for the film.   

Check out our fun Kickstarter VIDEO with Ed and me - http://kck.st/1CBI92d 

Meet the TEAM of 182  DONORS  on our Kickstarter Donor Honor Roll who helped get Ed laid!!!  

Susan Ottalini  -  Annabel Jk  -  Patty Schneider    
David Rich   -   Robert Hotchkiss  -   Diane Lantz     

Jack Stiefel  -  Leonard Pihlak   -  Rhino Griffith

Tristan Luyks  -  Michael Z. Gordon  -  Leslie Jan Pearl   Dellamarie Parrilli  - Meghan Shrontz  -  Ginia Stiefel    Juliano Angeliano  -  Aris Kakkis & Alan Hearne -  Helen Pearl (aka Mom)  -  Janey Fire-Kalymnios  - 
Bill Pearl  -  Michael Pearl  -  Bob Pearl -  Lise Barrera     

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And to all of our production and post production crew who have made this a labor of love!