"Music is the language of the angels." - From "Chick Singers"

Jazz cd

My CD "Souvenir of You" -  with my lyrics to the music of jazz legend Benny Carter.

"Souvenir of You - New Lyrics to Benny Carter Classics" "Time takes our verses away, but melodies live on, Forever playing your song, At heaven's door and here, a souvenir of you. " - DPearl

A labor of love.  I knew and loved Jazz legend Benny Carter (1907-2003).  He and his wife Hilma, my friend and mentor, became like surrogate parents to me.   Both graduates of Barnard College, generations apart, we grew close in Los Angeles at the local college club.   When I did my one woman show, "Chick Singers" they came twice... I played numerous types of singers in this one woman show - among them - a jazz singer.   Benny told me - "You could be a jazz singer if you wanted."   Entrenched in my writing, I didn't realize what he was saying.  Years later after his death, Hilma asked me to look at an unsolicited lyric to one of his tunes.   I offered to take a crack at it.  That song "People Time," became our first collaboration which has been recorded by other jazz artists.  It was the genesis of the CD.   

"... a magnificent collaboration - the world will be kicking up it's heels in sheer delight at this great music. And by the way, you can sing your ass off Baby!" - Phil Woods

My passion for lyric writing - telling a story in one page instead of a hundred was ignited writing words to the music of this great man and genius musician.  Thanks to Hilma, we recorded his classic melodies as songs that, hopefully, will continue his legacy for generations to come.    I hope you enjoy "Souvenir Of you"!    -- Deborah 

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 "The new words by Ms. Pearl are perfect.  You'll love her singing... What a talent!"

                                                                                   - Dan Singer, In Tune International




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Souvenir Of You, Deborah Pearl, vocals.


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Pop CD


Pearl Album on London Records

 I was born a performer.  At age 4, dressing up in my mother's evening dresses, I'd lipsinc to jazz singer Dakota Staton records.   Becoming a professional singer was kind of a slam dunk.  I played in clubs, stage musicals, then in studios doing jingles and record back up.   My first album, "Pearl," on London Records was with my brilliantly talented singer/songwriter/harpsichordist sister, Leslie, who wrote the Folger's "best part of wakin' up" jingle.  She wrote all the songs and produced it with John Lombardo.  I sang lead on all but two of the songs.  Back in the days of vinyl!!!    

A Children's CD

My latest music venture with my sister was singing two songs on her children's CD, Baroque Music Rocks!  Kids favorite songs performed in the style of JS Bach & Friends.   It's an amazing gift for kids to help them with brain development!  Check it out.    https://www.amazon.com/Baroque-Music-Rocks-Leslie-Pearl/dp/B005TK1XAC

New Pop Ventures

If any new projects arise, I'll post them here!!


Jingle and Session Singer

As a professional singer, I went on from my album to sing commercial jingles from Honda to Telecheck to What-A Burger and did record backup for various artists from Linda Ronstadt to E Yazawa, Oasis, to Neil Young and many more....  (His "Living With War" session was a most incredible experience!)    

Along with the studio work, I sang in a duo with Severin Browne (Jackson's brother), then moved into jazz with the Lou Forestieri Trio - which years later I returned to in the "Souvenir Of You" CD.  See above.  


If any new projects arise - I will post them here!!!!

One Woman Show



I combined my singing and writing together when I wrote and performed my critically-acclaimed one woman show "Chick Singers," where I played multiple singers - jazz, rock ,blues, country, opera - in stories that followed their personal and professional lives in music.   Performed at the world famous Cinegrill in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and the Odyssey Theater.  

YouTube Highlights from Chicks Singers


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I'm planning to do a reboot of the show.  In it, I'll tell stories of singing for people like Barbra Streisand and Steven Speilberg.  The knee-knocking moments and the moments of triumph.  When I first did it I didn't think my life was as interesting as the characters I created.  Now?  Not so much!    I'll do both!  MORE TO COME!!!