"I hate spunk!" - Lou Grant on the Mary Tyler Moore show

10 years writing/producing sit coms



I'm a ten year veteran of tv comedy writing - most noteably "Designing Women".  My screenplays and stageplays - to quote the LA Times - "combine humor with heartache."   I hear the music of a character's "voice."  I love the art and craft of telling a larger truth through humor and a personal prism.   Sit com writing is a group effort.  I longed for more personal story telling and became a playwright in my spare time.   See Theater.


Thunder Alley

The show I met Ed Asner on.  And Robin Ryker.   And Haley Joel Osmont - who had impeccable comic timing as a five year old!!  His scenes with Ed were hilarous - and impressive!! 


What's Happening Now!!

Our first job.  I started my career with a partner.  We were the go to - what would women think? - on staff.    Back when they thought all women were alike.  Not.